C++ error in counter-strike

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Hello, I have a problem. When I am launching the games, the the Runtime Library Visual C++ error is eliminated. (www.zipstudia.xz.lt/1.JPG) I tried to restart my windows, but it problem is occured. Please, help me.

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RIf it is mac book then you go to libray>preferences and delete counterstrike preferences preferences folder. then you can start playing. and when you close and again try to play it will happen. again delete it. every time you have to delete it if u start the game close it and again try to open it. it works
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how to get delete class c
i know what the problem u need to instal a visual program c++ I dont remeber how or where but I know it!!!
I have this problem.but my frient were playing this game from this cd.but in my pc error coming c++error
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it may be that some files are missing.
uninstall the game, try to get another installation CD and then reinstall it.
I tried it, did not help