Toshiba laptop problem.

Uni_boy - Oct 30, 2009 at 01:26 PM
 Uni_boy - Oct 30, 2009 at 04:39 PM

My laptop warranty ended 2 weeks ago. And now, it’s giving me problems. When I switch it on, it will load up, however during the process of loading up the hard drive would make a sort of “scratching” noise and few seconds later it gets completely stuck and will stop loading leaving me unable to do anything apart from moving the mouse or the pointer. So therefore, I switched it off using the button and back on again giving me options and chose “start windows as normally”. And again, the same thing happens. I repeated the same process within a space of time but still the same thing happens. However, AGAIN I switched it off and turned it on, only this time I chose to start in “safe mode networking” and the laptop seems to be working fine but of course some applications and softwares are inaccessible as it is restricted in safe mode networking.

Has anyone here had the same problem or know what the problem is and how can I fix it as the warranty is expired only 2 weeks ago?

Thank you.

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Oct 30, 2009 at 02:52 PM
That noise might be the hard drive heads moving back and forth in error correction mode. Your hard drive has probably failed in a small area that was recording a section of the Windows code. Hence Windows was not able to start. The safe mode Windows didn't need that code and was able to start.

It's time to replace the hard drive while you can still access your data. I would try to copy the data files to a CD or DVD while the drive still works.

Sorry for the bad news.
Thanks for your reply.

I have actually saved all the files and data into CD already. And yes, you was spot on right as since i posted the question i can now no longer access the system. When i switch it on a message appears in a black screen saying "chkdsk on drive c" and it goes on to complete THREE stages. my laptop would then go on to complete stage 1 of 3 and would then go on to stage 2 of 3 but will then get stuck and the hard disk will no longer make any noise and will get stuck on stage 2 for more than 20mins. I have now switched it off and turned it back on but pressing F8 to choose "Start Repair disk"....however, even no as its repairing the system i can still hear the "scartching" noise. It is still on the process of repairing and will let you know of the outcome as soon as its done.

Thank you for replying ones again.