Desktop icons are blue in color [Solved/Closed]

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yesterday I was copying content from the web to the desktop without unknowingly I selected paste to short cut key,from then the desktop items are selected in blue to solve this problem......plz reply me....
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Go To
Control Panel->Display

Under the Desktop tab click customize Desktop... button
There under the web tab make sure nothing is selected.
This will solve your problem

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this information is accurate and simple... thanx buddy
the above infromation is 100 percent true and worked immediately. thank you for giving help.
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thank you, it was simple and worked for me perfectly!!!!
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hi there,

right click on desktop>


appearance tab>


change the color from the tab

thanks yar my problem is solve
Thank you
You are great :-)
Thank you
i love you man! its been 3 days I have been trying lookin for a fix but nothg helped , but the resolution provided by u workeddddddd! thanks