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I need help finding where my computer put my pictures. I have never put my pictures on this computer before, and I think it has something to do with Vista. I put my sandisk memory card in the computer, brought up the pictures, but couldn't find a save option. I created a folder and titled it, then manually moved each picture into the folder. I was never asked if I wanted to delete any pictures. When I took the memory card out and put it in my camera, the pictures were gone. When I looked in my folders and documents I couldn't find the folder I created. Not in recent documents, or in pictures, or anywhere. I am not sure how to do a search or recovery either. I am sick about losing these pictures. Did I erase them accidentally? Where could they be? Thanks!

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The problem is you MOVED the pictures - you did not COPY them. That's the difference between moving and copying. Moving a file deletes it from the old location.

You can type *.jpg in the Start Search box and have Vista search of jpg files on your computer.

You can download a program called Recuva that can recover the pictures form your memory card.

You can download a program called Picasa that will manage your pictures on the computer.

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I have the same problem with Firefox. Now using explorer 7 and it works fine.
Where has "My Picture" filedisappeared to

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