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I am new here. I would like to stop windows security warning in popping up always and telling i need to download anti-spyware because everytime i cick it, eset nod32 will have a warning that i am downloaidng a trojan file. it repeats again and again. so what i'm doing is close the windows security warning pop-up but i cant do it every minute. what do i do?

the windows security warning says:

"warning! your computer is infected! windows has detected spyware infection! it is recommended to use special anti-spyware tools to "pervent" data loss. Windows will now download and install the most up-to-date antispyware for you. click here to protect your computer from spyware!"....

please help. thanks!

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Nov 18, 2008 at 03:18 PM
OK I got the solution.

My laptop just got infected. The message is this (note the mis-spelling):

Your computer is infected!
Windows has detected spyware infection.
It is recomended to use special antispyware tools to pervent data loss.
Windows will now download and install the most up-to-date antispyware for you.
Click here to protect your computer from spyware.

I tried McAffe, Ad-ware, Spybot, AVG ==> NOTHING WORKS.

Then, I used Malwarebytes it is now removed ==> IT WORKS!!!!
follow this link:
Mar 8, 2009 at 02:30 PM
I clicked on something on a site and all of a sudden these little popups came up to warn me that my computer was infected! It was suspicious to start with, but then I looked it over and things didn't add up. Especially when I clicked on the buy the software tab and it brought up a very poorly executed payment site. Plus, I have an anti spyware already and though the windows security center kept popping up saying I had no antispyware, I went to my control panel and clicked on my windows security center. It brought up the real window saying that I had my antispyware running. I used it, but it didn't work. I came here and looked at your tips, thank you very much to the people who recommended malwarebytes, I ran it once, rebooted, and the nasty little thing was gone! You guys really know your stuff.

thank you sooo much, i was having this problem with weeks . i followed your instructions and perfect it worked

thank you
^ Zinaps is rogue software. DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK.

Don't believe me? Look up "zinaps" in wikipedia or something.
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Aug 26, 2008 at 04:48 AM
hi my friend,

its not windows message but rather a spyware which is doing that and what i would advice you is not to download the file but better download a spyware removal tool which you will get here itself on the forum do a clean scan and it must be alright after.
Man if you have this problem there is a free fix that will root out the problem. Its malwarebytes. Worked first time around. Good stuff.
Do a system restore by going to "start" then "all programs" then "accessories" then go under "system tools" then "system restore." Go to the latest restore point that you could go to to restore your computer to an earlier date so that it can take out the stinkin' spyware. If that doesn't work then my only option would be to do a whole "system recovery" which will remove anything software you may have installed or files after the purchase of your computer by restarting your computer and pressing on F10 while the computer is rebooting. Then just follow the instructions on how to restore your computer. Hope this helps. Let me know.

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run antispyware and antimalwares that will resolve the problem.
First turn on the PC in Secure mode with network mode and download malwarebytes and try update before the virus take control again after restart the PC en secure mode (not secure mode with network) and run malware bytes, then restart in normal mode without internet and run norton antivirus.
It's a rogue virus (fake antivirus). It says to download fake software that says you have more than 1000 security breaches, viruses, etc (which don't exist). It also says you have to pay for the full version to remove these "viruses". It's aimed at taking your money so if you have no security program it's probably a fake antivirus, if you have antivirus software check to see if they work, if not it's probaly a fake antivirus.

Disconnect your computer to your wireless network (if you have one) if you suspect any virus, fake antivirus included has infected your computer.
Great explaination, I'l keep this on my mind.
Weirdonator T1000
Jun 4, 2010 at 04:28 PM
Spelling mistake
I'm actually going through the same problem, and using Norton anti-virus, and spy-subtract spyway has failed to get rid of the pop-up box. Any suggestions?
Guys, I just had a client with this problem, and it's fairly nasty. Fortunately, a website I rely on heavily has a step by step solution to this spyware problem.

Just go here:

and read the 2nd forum post which has instructions. I can confirm that the software "Combofix" is legitimate as I've used it twice to clean infected computers.
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Oct 27, 2008 at 07:20 PM
Hi, I now have this same thing - notice mispelled words "pervent" and "recomended" earmarks of spyware. probably originated in another country. Most code-geeks are meticulous spellers, else their code wouldn't work.
ANYWAY - Isn tthere a free fix? If I pay for this STOPZilla thing, is it really going to work?

I managed to get rid of the pop-up box ("your computer is infected! yaddah, yaddah) but my system has been totally SLOOOWWWW ever since the ordeal. I downloaded Spybot S&D and ran Windows defender, both of which told me to delete a whole list of sh*t, which I, like a good user, did so without question. SO why is my system now like moalsses. Do I still have the problem, only its running invisibly? recreational surfing is suffering.
try doing a google search for free AVG, make sure the download is from the Grisoft website, AVG can find ALOT of things and I had your problem with a new machine and quickly fixed it with AVG, be sure to get the free version bte because the trial versions of net security and so on only last about 30 whereas avg free edition is indefinate and offers strictly virus and email scanning and removal.
i keep seeing people say try searching or downloading something but I CANT USE MY INTERNET because it keeps telling me "the application cannot be executed. The file _____ (it changes file everytime) is infected. do you want to activate antivirus software?" and if i click yes it uses a trial program and runs a scan and finds a bunch of stuff but then tells me i have to purchase the software to delete the virus. but the weird thing is its able to take me right to that website to purchase and download it although it hasnt allowed me to access any other website at all. this makes me think its some kind of scam, any suggestions on what to do? keep in mind i know almost nothing about computers so please explain as if i am a child haha.
Malwarebytes anti-malware solved the problem for me.
My friend has the same problem is having the same problem with his computer. I have used McAffee, Webroot's Spy Sweeper, and PCcillin, and all have failed.
Oct 24, 2008 at 03:54 PM
i am working on a friends computer that has the same problem. I have used mcafee and adaware to try to clean up the computer but it has not been successful. At first the spyware had made setting changes that made the task manager inoperable so that pressing alt control delete would just bring up a box saying that i didn't have administrative priveleges to access the task manager. After multiple scans from mcafee i was able to fix the task manager problem but it still tells me when i make changes to the computer such as disabling start up services on msconfig that i dont have admistrative rights to make the changes. Another perplexinging thing is that somehow the spyware has disable the active scanning engine of macafees and everytime i try to manually start the scanning engine it says that things are wrong with macafee but i have already done a full reinstall of macafee but the spyware has disable this component of the antivirus and when i run adaware it finds nothing. Any thoughts or suggestions on what i should do to fix this problem?
The specs for the computer are pentium 4 windows xp with all windows updates and i have been using a totally up to date macafee antivirus suite and the most up to date adaware.
The best thing for everyone to do is use Avast....look it up on google.
I went into windows, regedit and did a 'find' for guardpro. it will find several pointing to that program in a run folder, you'' recognize the program, delete the entry. There will be several of these in the registry, that will stop the computer from loading it when it boots up. That's what I did. Now I'm looking for a reliable way to get the program off my system.
I had this problem and did a google and this page turned up. I ran that "Malwarebytes" and it took care of it.

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