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 Theo -
can u please help me I cant open Gta San Andreas it says send error report or dont send. It had worked when I kept it in 800*600 resolution and I wanted to keep it in 1024*768 now I cant open the game plz help me. Is there a configuration file for that? Please help me.

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In order to fix your problem you will need to locate your "GTA San Andreas User Files" folder, you will find it in My Documents" folder.
Then you will open it and delete file called:

This will reset all of your Gta San Andreas settings (but it will keep save games),
then you will just start the game and set your settings like you want for ex. controls

This must work, no need to tnx!
Thank you

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Sorry but I had just formatted my computer and the internet did'nt work at last it has come. So the files had been deleted while I formated the computer. I had the answer before you wrote this, sorry for the ... And I didn't write the thing you told. lol
it works for me. my game wont start at all, after I delete the file as u told, now the game work absolutely fine. I wish I could thanked u! lol
there is no
Mine dint work ??????? its still stuck :(
Thank you padly1995 :)

Dear Anurag,

Please carry out a system restore in order to get the problem

fixed. If still the problem doesn't get fixed, please consider

uninstalling the game and reinstalling it.

Thank you.