IE won't work after Antivirus Sys Pro removal

 Derl -

I just spent about a full 12 hours trying to get rid of Antivirus System Pro and I don't see any traces left on the computer, which is an accomplishment. But, Internet Explorer will not work for me now. I'm not sure if ASPro made changes to my settings or what. IE works when I'm in safe mode under administrator but won't in Normal mode under my own user account.

Any advice to get me back up and running would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time in advance,

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I have just had the same issue with antivirus sys removal also. I read on another forum you should open your IE, goto Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings and uncheck "Use a proxy server for your LAN". This worked perfectly for me!
Hope it works for you,
Good luck!!
Thank you

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damn wouldve never thought that would be the issue but worked here too melissa. awesome. thanks
It worked!! Thank you!! :)
wow - thanks!! my pc got infected last night and we managed to remove the virus but IE would not work - now thanks to your solution i have IE working again!! :-)
THANKS. This has been driving me nuts for days!
Worked for me too!! Thanks. Now the question is why did Norton let the virus on my machine and AVG got rid of it??
You are the WOMEN! I have been working on a system for 2 days and I'm in IT.
Found your fix and in seconds, had IE back
Thank You
google & install revo uninstaller, this baby gets rid of everything, it even hunts down tiny bits left after uninstall, anything relevant is in bold type so spotting it is easy...hope this helps