IE won't work after Antivirus Sys Pro removal

mitsubishiVRfour - Nov 29, 2009 at 08:23 AM
 Derl - Jul 10, 2010 at 09:50 PM

I just spent about a full 12 hours trying to get rid of Antivirus System Pro and I don't see any traces left on the computer, which is an accomplishment. But, Internet Explorer will not work for me now. I'm not sure if ASPro made changes to my settings or what. IE works when I'm in safe mode under administrator but won't in Normal mode under my own user account.

Any advice to get me back up and running would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time in advance,

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I have just had the same issue with antivirus sys removal also. I read on another forum you should open your IE, goto Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings and uncheck "Use a proxy server for your LAN". This worked perfectly for me!
Hope it works for you,
Good luck!!
Nov 29, 2009 at 02:49 PM
You are pure awesomeness, Melissa. Thanks a ton for that information - G
I have spent about 2 weeks due to the Antivirus System Pro, and ALL I had to do was uncheck that box?!! THANK YOU!!!!! And here I thought I was pretty tech savvy.
After having my PC (XP SP3) infected by the Av Sys Pro virus, I ran a sweep and quarantined the virus that should have been blocked by the subscription anti-virus application. However after the virus was removed, Internet access was not possible because Port 80 (HTTP), Port 443 (HTTPS), and Port 21 (FTP) were blocked.

The anti-virus software vendor was contacted and this initiated a lot of ‘busy work’ downloading a utility program to capture and upload certain system information. This was accomplished in part by using another PC that had Internet access. The vendor received the information but the only action they initiated was to close the incident. So I initiated a new incident for the same problem, and this seemed unnecessary. Again, I received another request to supply additional information through a capture and upload process. Any message received through the ‘support process’ contained solicitations for fee-based support for the vendor’s experts to resolve my problem. I question why I should pay for support to resolve an issue that in my opinion should have never occurred, and even it did, should have been corrected by the anti-virus software.

So I did a search on the Av Sys Pro virus (with my other PC that had Internet access) and found your solution.

I did the Tools>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings and unchecked the Use a proxy server for your LAN box. I now have Internet access! Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was driving me crazy. Appreciate you taking the time to share the information.
You are pure awesome!! thank you for ur.. EVERYTHING!!!!!
You are the WOMEN! I have been working on a system for 2 days and I'm in IT.
Found your fix and in seconds, had IE back
Thank You
google & install revo uninstaller, this baby gets rid of everything, it even hunts down tiny bits left after uninstall, anything relevant is in bold type so spotting it is easy...hope this helps