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Chris - Dec 5, 2009 at 08:11 PM
 Mayosoftware - Dec 6, 2009 at 10:41 AM
Hello, my computer has recently gotten a virus or trojan that has managed to download various other harmful items to my computer. First off my internet has been constantly redirected to various spam sites and to a fake site that claims to sell antivirus products (propably to get a credit number), On top of that my AntiMalware along with ALL other scanning products has been infected. I tried running safe mode and going to system restore, yet those have also failed me. Im losing it here and this is the second time some terrible virus has totally killed my computer, but this time I beefed up my comp with protection. Can anyone, anyone! tell me what I can do???? Would be extremely appreciated!

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Dec 6, 2009 at 01:14 AM
Dear Chris,

You might have to change the hard disk. Please send it to a

computer technician to see the problem might be solved

without purchasing and replacing the hard disk.

Thank you.
This is usually caused by HEAT. The heats gets too high and the processor shuts down so that it is not damaged.

Problem Correction:
Disassemble unit
Clean the heatsink of old compound
Clean the CPU of old heatsink compound
Disassemble fan (usually 3 screws)
Clean interior of fan.
*alcohol can clean most it easily, though acetone does it faster.

Many techs will simply use compressed air to clean heatsink, this only blows the dirt into the laptop, and later after use the fan will suck the dirt back into the vents. And it is not much help when the heatsink compound is dry and brittle so heat isn't drawn from the CPU. This could also be the on video chipset heatsink. So if you have a silicone pad on it, it too should be replaced with a new pad.

Do a thorough job and the laptop will no longer reboot after a few minutes of use.
-Sorry Previous answer posted to wrong place-

Remove laptop hard drive and place in another running desktop with USB> SATA or USB>IDE connector.

Notice the new drive letter, and run your AVG and Trojan Remover on the desktop to clean the attached drive. This has worked for us at our shop. The main virus/trojan that is doing the damage is loaded when booted in safe or normal mode, so that makes it difficult to remove while attached to the working laptop.