Find IP address

mit's - Dec 6, 2009 at 05:52 AM
 imrankhaan - Dec 6, 2009 at 06:19 AM
I'm Mit's I Want to know how to find IP address
from one computer through another computer.

How i can shutdown Another computer through my PC.

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Hi there,

To see IP address of your machine follow the steps below.

1) Goto to Command Propmt ( By Entering cmd and pressing enter at RUN)
2) Type ipconfig/all to see the ip Address of your NIC.

To shutodwn Remote computer you need to have administrative privilages of both pcs.

Follow the Steps.

I assume you have 2 pc's in workgroup environment and you have administrative access of both pcs.
Both systems are connected properky by LAN or WAN and can ping each other.

1) You must be logged in as administrator.
2) Start--->Settings--->Control Panel--->Administrative Tools--->Computer Management
3) Goto-->Actions Menu ---> Then click on Connect to other computer then type its name or IP Address.
4) It will show you the computer then click on it and press ok . If everything works fine then you will be connected
5) I assume you are connected and now goto Actions Menu and click on properties.
6) Now you will see the system properties of second system Click on Advanced Tab then click on settings next to Startup and recovery.
7) Here at the bottom you will see shutdown button . Just press it and it will show you other options so select
one and press ok. Thats it.

I hope all this work for you.

Best of luck,..

Imran Khan