Stupid damn computer and router

infurriated with electronics. - Aug 30, 2008 at 09:17 AM
 CJ - Aug 31, 2008 at 03:51 AM
i am having major difficulties with trying to access the internet from my laptop thru my sisters computer.
i have a wireless linskeys router and my sister had DSL. this router was given to her, she has no cd for it so we have to download the program from the internet to even use it. she has no place in her modem to even hook up a router and the connection is a USB port anyways. i know there is a way to do this and i am not very smart in computers so, i ask for your help. i think i hook up this router to her computer since she is the one with the internet. i dont even know how to go about doing anything. very very frustrated and since i know there is a way to do this "gheto or not" i refuse to go buy a new router. PLEASE HELP!

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Is your sister connected to the internet?
If not, first make sure you have the proper login and password to the DSL ISP. In case of Verizon, you N-E-E-D to use their modem/router, no ifs and buts... not sure on other DSL IPS's.
Linksys usually uses ethernet ports, some with USB.
Which model is it?
Then search the Linksys website for drivers, , or and make sure that you have the proper driver installed on your computer.
Hope this helps