Router To Router Config (linksys wrt300n)

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 Som Sopha MEGA internet - Nov 27, 2013 at 08:46 AM
Hello, I had 2 Linksys WRT300n router, my problem is how to connect thoese 2 router to each other so that the Internet connection on Roater A will be shared in Router B. although WRT300n has a wireless connectivity, my other WRT300n is beyond the reach of the wireless range. my plan now is to wired the both to connect each other.

Router A Config

Internet Connection Type: Automatic Configuration - DHCP
Host Name: Blank
Domain Name: Blank
MTU: Auto

Router IP:
Subnet Mask:


DHCP Server: Enable



What is suppose to be my Router B configuration in order for me to connect to Router A and Access Internet and Network services.


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I had this same problem in trying to connect two liveboxes (routers) via ethernet so that router B will use the conection of router A and I can connect with ethernet or wifi to router B.

Took me ages to try and sort out but I used these settings on router B (router A was same as yours)

Router A DHCP range; - 200 (DHCP enabled)
Router A LAN IP
Router A broadcast IP
Subnet mask

Router B DHCP range; - 250 (DHCP enabled)
Router B LAN IP
Router B broadcast IP
Subnet mask

(pretty much like Drew said)

This is working for me so far - only been using the settings for twenty mins though!
Som Sopha MEGA internet
Nov 27, 2013 at 08:46 AM
I think for the configure router A to router B it is Essy . Now you follow for me

Router A : have the rang to 254
Router A : LAN
Router A : broadcast IP to 254 ( Main router Enable DHCP )

ofter we take network cable plat in from port LAN of the router A to router B port LAN the same
and we config

Router B : Chang LAN ( but Disable DHCP )

we config give client connect from router B can access is DHCP from router A