How to configure the Wi-Fi mode of your Freebox?

How to configure the Wi-Fi mode of your Freebox?

In this article we will explain the simple procedure to configure the Wi-Fi mode of your Freebox.

How to access the Freebox settings?

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  • The login is your phone number followed by "@freeadsl".
  • The password is the one that was provided by Free (If you haven't change it of course)

How to enable Wi-Fi?

  • Once you are on the configuration page/interface hover your mouse over "Ma Freebox" (My Freebox).
  • Then click "Configurer mon réseau Wifi/Configure my wireless network" via the same page.
  • Check the "Activer/Enable" to activate Wi-Fi.
  • Give a name to your network.
  • Choose your type of protection.
  • Create your network key.
  • Validate your configuration by clicking the "Sauvegarder les paramètres/Save Settings"

How to reboot the Freebox?

Restart your Freebox (either by unplugging-plugging the power cord, or by holding down the "?" button of the Freebox remote and choosing the appropriate options. If you want to connect multiple computers to your Freebox wifi you should also enable the router mode of the Freebox.

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