Problem with Linksys WRT120N

ron - Mar 17, 2010 at 07:04 PM
 Superman - Dec 27, 2013 at 03:52 PM

I'm using LINKSYS WRT120N router. It is connected to my DSL and Computer. I properly configured the router but it doesn't have internet but my laptop can detect and connect to my router. In short, my problem is the internet connection. I tried several solutions that I've read from the forum like reformatting the desktop computer, and resetting the router but it doesn't work. I called the DSL provider to check the connection and it was good when it is directly connected into the desktop. I also called where I bought the router and they've said that the router is in good condition. I don't know what to do. Please help me where can I find the problem and solve this out! PLEASE.

By the way, I'm using Windows XP for my desktop

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I think your problem is with the correct configuration of the wrt120n, I assumed your are using dsl modem with router capabilities provided by your internet provider. Since your modem already has dhcp server in it, disable the dhcp server of the wrt120n then connect the dsl modem cable (usually yellow patch cord) directly to one of the four switch ports of the wrt120n, not to its WAN port. In effect you will only use the wrt120n as wired and wireless switch. I hope you can successfully configure your wrt120n. Good luck!
thannnnkkk youu!!!! just did that and wholllaaaa, works perfect! :))
Thanks so much. This works!!!
How do you disable the dhcp server of the wrt120n?
so when it's connected to the router it doesn't work, but when the connection is on your desktop it works?

i think it is because you always had the internet on you're desktop pc, so that Mac adress of the network card, is registered by your ISP.

the thing that you can do, is clone you're mac adress, of you're desktop pc, in to you're router.

When you're logged in to your router, you can find it under the tab "MAC Adress Clone"

So that you're ISP thinks that you're desktop pc is connected, then you will get an IP adress from your ISP.

Then It's got 2 work...

Did for me , and many other people

thankyou soooooooooooooooo much. iv been struggeling with this problem ever since I got the router and it finaly works!!!!!!!!!
My router stopped getting an IP Address from the comcast modem as of Midnite tonite. (6/15/2010)
I followed instructions here and it worked. Not sure why without cloning it was working all this time ??!!!
Need help with my router not working it's a wrt120n linksys my Dsl working but it's not connected to the router at all Pease Help me
go to ad type your user name and password then there will be an opiton click ppoe

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My router was working ok until few weeks ago. It just turn off the all the lights except the power light.

I tried the reset button, connect the computer directly and anything worked for me
i bought it just yesterday and am having a hard time using the wireless! perhaps the built-in antennae are shoddy or the prop antennae work better perhaps....
me too live in Jamaica and it does not work I do not now what to do now PEASE HELP
I've the same problem and also with my desktop PC there is no problem but with the wireless connection from the Linksys router, my connection is always dropping.
I'm using Windows XP for my desktop and Vista for the laptop
This router is junk. I had 2 do the same thing. They randomly stop connecting to the internet. Sometimes I could reconfigure them, but eventually they both quit connecting. I couldnt connect with wireless or wired connection, so back to the store they went.