Problem with port forwarding

abhi - Dec 7, 2009 at 05:46 PM
 surajit - Nov 4, 2011 at 06:13 AM
hi am using bsnl brodband 256kB/s home connection with nokia siemens 1600 router adn i am unable to forwarding the port for bitcomet i reffer to but there is no name of my router.i am using vista ultimate. plz help me out. thanks.

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For BitComet you'll have to open up all the ports. Because, bitcomet uses all possible ports for data transfer.

You're listening ports are blocked by your firewall in your Nokia Router.
So, you'll have to keep your computer before the firewall so that it listens to all ports.

P.S. Opening all the ports is too risky and have it in mind..

If you still want to do it.. Here you go.

To make it work.
1.You have too configure your router for listening.
2.To configure your router, you need TELNET.(Dont worry its already comes with Windows.)

Telnet will be disabled in WIndows Vista so, you'll have to enable it.
1.Goto Control Panel->Programs
2.Below the "Programs and Features" link, click on "Turn Windows Features on or off."
3.It'll say "Please wait..."
4.Scroll down.
5.You'll see the features "Telnet Server" and "Telnet Client" both are unchecked.
6.Now check them.
7.Click "OK"
8.Restart, if it tells so.
9.Next, the router...

//Router Config. for Torrents.(Opening all the ports.)
1. Windows Key + R - gets you the run command.
2. Type in "cmd" and press Enter.(Opens up DOS console.)
3. In the DOS console type in "telnet"
4. You'll be asked for username and password.
User: admin
Pwd: admin(Default for Nokia Siemens Router.)
5. You'll be shown a list of options when you log in.
6. choose the option "NAT"
7. And you'll be shown some few options.
8. CHoose "DMZ"
9. Once again it'll show some few options.
10. choose "Configure"
11. Type in your computer's IP address.
(Obviously, your computer IP is you're not sure.
You can check it by opening another DOS console and typing in "ipconfig"
where you'll get your computer's IP.
12. Then hit enter. you're done.
13. Choose "exit" option until it exits completely.
14. Start BitComet now. You'll see the GREEN Light beside your WAN IP.
work for me...
thanx karti..
what will be the tcp/udp port no. pls tell.
also turned smiley into green. thx but tell me the tcp/udp port number.
Great Tweek.....