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 jee -

I need to create a pie chart ..

i am having value like A 20% B 30% C 50 %
and C 50% is divided into C1 10 % C2 15% C3 25%
now i need a chart to give whole fig of A B C also the division of C in second chart by show some connectivity.
Any one can guide me ..

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jee,

Arrange your sheet like this:
20	10
30	15
50	25

Go to Insert>Graphic, select the pie chart, click next.
For you first graphic select range A1:A3.
Keep hitting next, looking at the different options untill you are done.
It's also advisable to right-click at different parts of the graphic and look at the options to see what you can alter to suit your needs.

Repeat the process for your second graphic, only now you take the range B1:B3.
Note that both graphics will initially look the same, since both ranges has the same percentage.

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i need a pie 2 pie chart
1st one shows 20 30 50
and second shows 15 20 15 .. i.e 50 is divided into 3 parts

with regards
I don't understand what you mean by pie 2 pie chart?

Why don't you use the numbers 20, 30, 15, 20, 15 to make up your pie chart and explain in the legend that 15, 20 and 15 is one group. Furthermore you can show it by colors: 20 = blue, 30 = yellow, 15 = light green, 20 = green and 15 = dark green.

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Hi trowa
just i need a chart

which describes the internal divisions ...

ex.. student dbase
25 @ girl and 75% boys are there
among 75% 35 % are average student . remaning above average.
so the chart should give 25% girls and 75 % boys and also the inner divisons of 75%

from urs jee