Computer doesn't start

Laurie - Updated on Jun 15, 2017 at 11:52 PM
 Dumitrw - Sep 1, 2017 at 03:33 AM

When I try to start my computer, I get long beeps and it doesn't start. PLEASE HELP!!

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try pulling out your RAM and then put it back into the slot.
i had the same problem and that fixed it. hope this helps. :)
Mar 24, 2010 at 07:25 AM
Damn main you just save'd my Fuu'king arss
have had tyhis prop for a good week now. and couldnt get on the net too se what too do. but now I have :)
Thx Alot !!!!
thanks u solved my problem
Thanks you guys saved my PC from flying. It was the RAM I switched their slots around and made sure they seated well and IT WORKED! THANKS ALL for the help................
Thank you...I had the same problem, read this, cleaned PC and RAM slots, put it back together and now it works! Great stuff! :-)
thanks a lot!
I Have had the same problem over and over again if you don't have the CPU fan properly "Hindged" on the Computer will give a load long beep... just wiggle it around or get a new one that might fit better... oh and make sure the CPU Hard Glue is fermly in place... Good Luck!!!!
Thanks a lot, this helped a lot. I can see why you're called pro helper ;)
This helped me too. Thanks a lot dude.
please help me find crscs on my pc
Thanks Tons!! After taking it all apart, WE just wiggled it around and it worked!!! You are awesome!
As mentioned earlier:
- Try to find the motherboard name, like "ASUS M14LJ" or something like that. Google it, for example "ASUS M12LJ beep codes" and identify the beep code you are hearing.

- Pull out the CMOS battery (Looks like a coin) and wait 20 seconds before you put it back in.
- Remove, one by one, all your memory chips (RAM) and re-seat/reinstall them.
- Remove your graphics card and re-seat/reinstall it.

These are the most common fixes for a very odd hardware issue. If it doesn't work:
- Remove all your RAM and insert only ONE chip and boot.
- - - If it still beeps, try ANOTHER (only one) RAM chip. If that also beeps, then it is possible that one or more pieces of hardware is broken.
You saved my family a ton of money. thanks!
hi..thanks for the advice ...i also have the same problem.ill try your advice..hope it will fix my pc..
i will clean my pc and reinstall the RAM... but it will not work ill try slamming
hope for the best..

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replace the cmos battery and then try...
(i think u know the right way to replace the cmos batt)
Had the same problem, found this via google

My problem was also caused by loose RAM, fitted it properly and it's fine.
thx, it does fix my problem. the problem is that the RAM not quite plug in its slot. try to pull it out and plug it again, thx a lot...
try to change the location of your memory to other slot dim.. or try to change the memory a good one.. you can also erase the memory on the gold .. if still same u check olso the vga...
Depending on how many beeps, will tell you what the issue is.
If not fixed after removing and reinserting Ram r changing the slots, attempt just removing one, then try start up, if nothing, then reinsert that one and remove another.
brilliant,i had the same problem and after reading this I changed the ram slots and all working again.thanks alot!!!
woop woop cheers for the help I had same problemo. turnt of pc removed ram pluged it bk in started the computer up an its now workin :) :) :) : ) : ): ): ): ): ): ) :): )