Use the Enter key to send messages on WeChat

Use the Enter key to send messages on WeChat

You can configure WeChat to make use of the Enter key to send messages, instead of adding a new line. Read on for the steps to configure this on your device.

How to configure WeChat to send messages with the Enter Key?

  • Launch WeChat and go to the Me tab.
  • Then, tap on Settings (cog icon) > Chat.
  • Toggle the Press Enter to Send switch to On:
enter key to send messages wechat
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If you want to turn this off, then you can go back into the settings and toggle off "Press Enter to Send". This will allow you you to insert a line break instead of sending a message. 

How to use Confetti on WeChat?

Another cool feature of the WeChat keyboard is confetti. There is a trick: each time you type something like Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, Train, Money, Birthday, Miss You, etc. it triggers pretty confettis that you can send to the other people to make them smile. The Confetti feature on WeChat does not need to be switched on, since it's enabled automatically.

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