IPod Nano 8GB Windows 2000 [Solved/Closed]


I have a iPod Nano 8gb I have windows 2000 with iTunes I cannot get itunes to sync with nano, it tells me I need to have windows xp, any help here on how to get iTunes to work with this nano and windows 2000

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The last version of ITunes supporting Windows 2000 can be downloaded here: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/itunes732forwindows2000.html
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Same problem here and that iTunes version won't work with this iPod (for me at least). Any more suggestions?
i can't get itunes 7.6 for my ipod nano
I had the same problem. If you find a solution, please let me know (how to import Itunes 7.3 into nano 3rd generation)
use mediamonkey, it works perfect under windows 2000 with ipod nano up to 8g
> Nina
Hey ii have a ipod with 4gb nd itunes dnt work for me like its not downaldinq onto ma computer nd ii have a windows 2000 can yu help me plsz
> Nina
Frank :

The Ipod NANO (8GB) don`t runs over WIN2000. !

It is an Apple specification (limitation) that you can found in the manual. !!!

Sorry ...!