Dell D800 problem

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I recently recievied a Dell D800. I am unable to power the laptop on. When the battery is in the machine the battery LED in blink once and a while. I've tried turning it on with no battery and only using the power cable. This hasn't seemed to slove the problem.
Does any one have an idea what is wrong? Could it be stuck in sleep or hibernate mode? if so how would i be able to remove it from this mode? i've tried removed the battery and pwoer for several minutes (about 10).

Please help.

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I have a similar problem and after searching the internet for hours, it seems no-one is able to answer this one.

My laptop battery died in my Dell Laptop. It took a while to receive a replacement as Dell Customer Service, Sales and Tech. Dept. were not very good. My laptop entered hibernate mode due to a low battery. When I finally received a new battery from a company other than Dell, the laptop re-charged the new battery however is still unable to power up. Nothing'll re-charge a battery, but will not turn on.
Thank you

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