Getting internet to connect

 deb -
My husband had gotten a virus and had to totally reboot his computer (it's Windows xp). We have att/dsl as our internet connector. Anyway we are unable to get his computer to connect to server. It is at the spot where he has to put in all the internet information and we are having trouble figuring out how to do it. Need help ASAP. We can't find a cd to download anything.

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Dear Deb,

Please remove the virus from your system for

it may be this virus that might be causing the


Thanks in advance.
My husband did remove it....he was unable to restore his computer. Anyway he had to reinstall the entire system. That is why he is having trouble. When he goes to the internet (where you pick your default user) it is totally blank screen.......on my computer my network shows local connection. It will not let us add anything to get it to recognize the dsl modem (which is working and hooked up correctly)?????????????????????