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I cleaned up my computer inside, you know, all hardwere with the special sry. I nomally do this once every 6 months, just to keep it clean.
This time, I take out the power supply and the fan thats keep cool the processesor instaled on the mother board.
After the cleaning and put evrything back in place, I restart my computer and just afrter bios finish and before windows load it shut off by it self.

What could be the problem...?
What can I do to solve it...?
Do you think it has to be the the power supply or the prossesor's fan...?


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hi there,

definitely a connection problem

this directs to the power supply

check all connections from beginning

Thanks for your answer.

I doble check the conection from the power supply, it looks ok.
Then I, just start the computer agein but now on the safe mode with networking option. It worked for a cople of minutes, then shut off agein.

what do you think..?
Could be any problem with the fan instaled on the mother board or something else...?