Laptop does not turn on

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i am not able tu turn on my laptop. Even i pressed the button for30 mins continuosly, nothin worked. I removed the battery and connected the adapter directly to the laptop. Even then it isnt switching on. Theletter A in the laptop by the switch on mode is blinking for 3 seconds and then again it goes off. The cd rom also isnt coming out when we switch on


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Dear Jack,

Normally such a problem will be coming from the RAM

stick. However you should also have the motherboard


Thanks in advance.
Thank you

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Dear Gopu,

Please check whether the problem is not coming from the

battery or still the adapter. Please confirm the matter for

further help.

Thanks in advance.
I have the same problem and it is not the ac or the battery because it won't turn on with either. Could it be the motherboard?