Can't start my computer

 Maevar -
I've been experiencing some trouble on system startup lately. It started after I got a system crash and a bluescreen with some writing, and now I can't turn on my computer. It seems like it loads just fine, but when windows is supposed to start some weird square-like pattern of small white stripes appear pretty much all over the screen, they remain there for a second or two, and then the screen turns black.

I've browsed the forum for some time, trying to find someone who had a similar problem, but didn't find it. I do suspect some components might be damaged from overheating, as my laptop generally gets very hot, but I would like to get some consulting on it. I'm no computer expert, but wouldnt faulty parts impose some problems in safemode as well?

Anyways, some of the things I have tried sofar is the msconfig - disable - enable - didn't do anything for me.
I did the most thurough virus scan Avast home edition would allow. It did find some viruses, and supposedly killed them, but that didnt help either.
I've tried to do a general system restore, which ends up taking alot of time, only to convey some message that no changes has been made, and a question wether I want to try again or not.

Btw the computer model is HP pavillion dv9000, though I doubt that's really relevant.

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Btw, I found out that I had some trojan virus thingie called win32: Vitro. I followed intructions on removal from geeks to go, and my Avast found a few more of these mischievous little rasclas, and Malwarevbytes' Anti-Malware cannot find any suspicious, or threatening files.