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.I'm having a problem with my dell laptop that I can't use my USB mouse. It was worinking fine a few days ago, but now when I plug in the mouse a message appere saying "usb device not recognized". My laptop is Dell inspiron 1545 and I'm running windows 7 - 64bt

Hope you can help ..

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Thank you
I had the same issue on a compaq. I had to unplug it and take the battery out to get the mouse recognized again.

Thank you, rob 6

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We do not believe miracles but same worked for my Sony Vaio VGNSR51RF. Simply I unplugged notebook, removed battery, (also turned lights off at office, unplugged my friends pcs, turn off my mobile phone -Samsung-, removed its battery also, and it is miracle, really worked! )

Thanks, you fixed my problem.
thanx dude u fixed my 3 hours long agony.....
it still don't work
I can't take the risk of taking out battery. Please suggest anything else. I have connected it first time. It's of HCL Corp.
please add your suggestions on this site.
I tried doing this... still doesn't work