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How do I turn off the Ipod Nano 5G internal speaker so I can just listen through my headphones?

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Put the headphones in ALL the way! Push it all the way in so there is no gap. Use your muskles! It is not easy. Push harder!
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OMG thank u it worked. I alway did that it didnt work but thanks.
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It doesn't automatically switch off when you plug in the headephones?
I have the same problem.. my internal speaker does not deactivate when I plug in my earphones

cpaneil wow! It actually worked! Soooo obvious yet I had never tried it before for fear of breaking that teeny thing! lol amazing how we learn new things everyday...
My internal speaker has just recently started playing at the same time as the headphones, and the headphone noise sounds tinny. I'm considering sending it back to Apple for repairs unless there is a fix.
I had exactly the same problem and went to reset settings (as suggested below) using the reset opiton on the nano's menu.

Problem fixed, things back to normal.
There is a "restore button" in I tunes if the iPod is plugged in. Simply click on your iPod and the button will appear. It will erase all your data, so sync and back up first, but this will update your firmware and fix this issue guaranteed. Must be connected to the internet on the Mac/PC you are using to connect to the iPod.
my ipod did exactly the same thing with the internal speakers playing at the same time,but i've restored the ipod nano but it did the same thing so what should I do.
I had music playing through internal speakers when plugged into headphones and my car connection. In my circumstance, it was not due to loose connections. After much searching to no avail, I finally looked at my owner's manual, I found that a complete reset fixed my problem. Hope that this may work for you.
reset iPod using iTunes! I had exact the same problem and it started working again as I used the "reset" function on iTunes. Good luck!
has it done the same prob again since?
i wouldnt becuase I just did and it earsed most of ym songs and I had like 90!!!!!
I have the same damn problem with my XP computer
we have just carried out a "soft" reset using advice from the apple home page, this cured the problem instantly!!!