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Hello, I have Windows Vista and when I tried to turn it on (after shuting down) it opens Problem Solving page and it tells me that if I have a device, such as a portable music player or a camera, that I should remove it. I had an Ipod nano plugged into my computer before I shut it down and the ipod froz while it was plugged in so I unplugged it. I have nothing plugged into my computer now but it still shows the message everytime I try to turn it on. I got the same message 40 times and I have nothing plugged in its been three says since then and I've tried everday. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

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try having it plugged in when you boot up your computer, see if that helps.
because it was plugged in when you shut down it may be expecting it when it boots up again.

the help messages are not always 'helpful'
thanks, but I tried that and it did the same thing