Blue screen !!!!Windows xp insperion 6000

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I'm trying to fix my dad's computer he has a insperion 6000 it's a dell. He has the blue screen it keeps coming up and I'm not able to even load it into safe mode or any other mode. i have a restore cd but it doesn't work I restore his computer about 3 or 4 times already. Is there any way I can get he restore session up.

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Dear Anna,

The problem could be coming from the RAM stick

being faulty, please remove it and place it back

to see if the problem gets fixed.

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Is the Ram stick in the back of the computer?

Dear Anna,

Please open the CPU and you will find the

RAM stick inside. It is of some 13cm by 2 cm.

If ever you have never done this, please consider

getting the help of someone for not causing any

damage to other hardware components.

Thank you.