Difficulty installing windows XP fresh

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Recently my harddrive containing the main windows folder I386 crashed. I am attempting to put another hard drive into the computer, and install windows XP home edition fresh. I have the product key on the side of my computer, it is legal. Now given that I do not have the I386 folder, where can I download an installation disk for windows XP?

Also, the laptop I am on now also has Windows XP home edition installed. It has a working I386 folder. Can I burn this I386 folder to a cd, and then use this CD to install windows XP onto my other computer? I have two working keys for windows XP, one for my laptop, and one for my desktop.


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you can download it from official Microsoft website:


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So you are saying that file Windows XP Service Pack3.exe is the install file for windows? I thought it was just the service pack.

Using that file and a valid license key, will I be able to install a full, new copy of Windows XP home edition on a new computer? Thank you!