I got a virus!

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I have a virus on my pc laptop and it's a virus that blocks my internet and i can't go on websites. I want to download a program that will delete my virus but i can't because the virus is blocking my internet and also it's making my laptop to work slow. Please help me out!

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Dear Nicky,

Please have you tried carrying out a virus scan with

your anti virus application. If yes, please indicate if

the virus was detected.

Thank you.
I don't have a anti virus application, i want to get it but the virus is blocking my internet and i have no idea how to fix it. Any suggestions?

Dear Nicky,

You will hence have to get your PC formatted for

even if you install an anti virus application now,

you won't be able to remove the virus. Please have

it formatted and then get the anti virus application

installed on your computer.

Thank you.