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 CoopMan -
i have setup ftp site in windows server 2003 but people unable to access globally,whenever they try to access the get messege unable to find folder or you dont have permission to access this folder.Could anyone please help me out to solve this issue.
Note:I m using DSL router and i have setup port forwarding could you plese let me know the whole procedure.Moreover i m using winserver 2003 service pack 1 IIS6.0.

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You need to set permission to specific users or Anybody if you want everybody to ftp your site. Don't forget to choose the authentication (read, write, execute, etc.) for your user.
All the above need to set at FTP service properties.

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hey there,

here is a link where you will get all the answers you are searching for :


hope it helps you
link is not working.
people could not access FTP server globally there is messge. you could not access folder or you do not have permission. i am suffuring with this problem plz sort out this problem urgently. i am trying to solve this problem. plz let me know the procedure
Your port forwarding should be Port 21 TCP or if secure Port 990 TCP.

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