Windows XP has refused to install on my PC

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I own an HP Notebook which in the past gave me problems with some programs so I decided to format & re-install windows xp. When I try to do so its seems to be installing but then it reaches a section where I am informed that 'there are no hard drives on my pc or they may not be powered on'. It also advices that I 'ran a manufacturer diagnostic test' which I did and all was ok. Still windows xp would not install. I then tried windows 98 and it did install. What could be the problem with my laptop? Why would windows 98 install and not windows xp?

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Hi there,

It may be possible you have a sata hardrive in your system. To proceed with installation of windows you will have to disable sata/native mode in bios setting then reboot from installation cd. You will get the installation procedures on link below,follow them carefully: