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myacer aspire one does not display start up i can get task manager up,but cannot find explorer exe anyware.also does anyone no about default in regestry editor should it say same as 4 example ivf file i click default its blank but on others its got same and others the same.also on start up it says prepareing desktop i get excutable\windows ??? and lots of percents%in stuff please can anyone help

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Dear Shadowsnytngale,

There might be different reasons why you might be not seeing the explorer.exe. The missing explorer.exe might be resulting from the fact that it might have been killed by opening the Task Manager or even more complex than it, a virus might be causing the trouble. A virus infection can easily stop the process or delete the executable file.

The first thing that I will request you to do is carrying out a virus scan and hence remove any virus that you find.

You should make it clear if the explorer.exe is missing on your system or it is still there. You will easily get it confirmed by getting to the Task Manager and adding a new task. On the provided new task pane, type explorer.exe and see whether the process starts. You will hence confirm if it is or not on the system.

If ever the problem doesn't get solved by these instructions, you should have all the explorer.exe processes ended and then trying adding the new task again. Thos should solve the problem.