Sandisk 2gb Memory Stick Duo Pro Problem

Mike - Jan 7, 2010 at 11:07 PM
 Bilal - Sep 6, 2010 at 10:10 AM
I have a 2gb memory stick duo pro that i used with my Sony point and shoot camera. I recently bought a digital picture frame and it came with a memory stick duo adapter. When I plugged the card and the adapter into the frame, it was not recognized. I plugged it back into my camera and it couldnt be recognized either. When i plug the card into the computer, the computer it tells me it needs to be formatted but it cant be formatted. I cant open the card to see the files on the card but i can right click and see the properties which just says 0 bytes etc. Anyways i have no idea what happened to the card, i plugged it back into the camera and connected the camera to the computer but that didnt work either. Please help!


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thats also my prblem hhuhuhu please help us
memory card currept
Hi there, same thing happened to me and It was really frustrating, to a point where I was about to smash my PSP! But don't do that, It wont fix anything... Instead, I will propose you something....

For all those people who have the problem of a PSP stopping to read REAL SONY CARDS, first, make sure that the problem comes from the PSP card reader and not the card. To do so, simply test 2 or 3 different cards in your PSP, and If your reader is "damaged", the orange light will keep on blinking... You can also test these same cards on another psp if you have one in hand. They should work perfectly (if the problem is your psp card reader...).

After making sure that your problem is located in the psp, thats what you will do:

- The problem might simply come from the fact that with allot of use, the pins inside the reader don't touch properly the connection contacts from your cards anymore. At least that's what happened to me, and I believe allot of people had the same problem...

What I simply did was to laminate a little piece of cardboard a little thinner than the card and a little longer, to be able to take it out when you need so. After making that piece, all you have to do is insert it with the card (on the card side that doesn't have pins --> where the sony logo is) and voila, you reader will start reading cards again, just like it always did!

This is a simple, cheap, and working method! No need to risk opening the Psp for nothing!!