An ipod has been detected but cant be identi

 Althiane -
I got a 5th generation ipod nano about a month ago and a new windows 7 Acer laptop.
I synced the ipod to it and it was fine until today! I got a message saying."an ipod has been detected but cannot be identified. I called apple but it did not help. i have no usb cord in but the ipod. please i've been pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. Please just help me figue out how to sync. I als downloaded the new itunes too.
thanks. signed "Steve viper"

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I've got the same question i bought my new ipod nano today and i have the exactly same laptop as urs please if anyone can help!
Ive got the same problem. Was working all good yesterday,now nothing.A
this website should have your answer:
I have exactly the same problem. nothing ive done worked.

Dear Sir,

Please get the iPod restored through the below instructions

and see whether the problem gets solved:

Thanks in advance.
that method needs the ipod to be connected and evidently by the question he is unable to connect the ipod to the computer