Attachment of nokia mobile to my pc

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How do i connect my Nokia E66 phone via bluetooth to my PC
please give me details how to install it OR where to find it.
please hurry

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Dear Mahesh,

For connecting your phone to your PC via bluetooth, you should have the Nokia PC Suite installed. Please get it downloaded and installed from the below link:

Nokia PC Suite

Then open the PC Suite for having the phone connected through bluetooth. You should be assured that the bluetooth device of your phone is fully activated. You should already have the bluetooth settings activated on it. If it is the first time that yopu are having the phone connected through Bluetooth, you will have to set a name to your phone and this will be used for pairing the device.

Naturally, the bluetooth device of your PC should be activated too. If there is any Bluetooth adapter that you are using, check well if it is plugged correctly and hence select on Connect a phone. Pairing the devices will be important. Pairing the devices imply putting a passcode in order to assure secure connection. The passcodes must be put on both devices hence allowing the connection to take place.