Please give me advice for my windows XP (HP)

greyism - Jan 15, 2010 at 05:39 PM
 greyism - Jan 15, 2010 at 06:22 PM
I have an HP brand comp (not sure of the model) windows XP, it's about 7 years old. Anyway I noticed that the mouse was not working. I tried to reinsert it, and that didn't work. I also tried putting another mouse in but this also did not work. Then I tried starting it in safe mode. When I get to safe mode, the arrows won't work so that I can try resetting it to an earlier time. I cannot get it into safe mode at all. It just times out and then starts running and of course I can do nothing because the mouse won't work. I also tried hitting the little windows button to try to get to the start menu to open but this won't work as well. There is absolutely nothing that I can do! (At least that I know of). Does anyone know what this is or how to remedy it?

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What sort of mouse?
You might try a USB mouse, if your computer has a USB port. I use one routinely with my Dell laptop, also about five years old rather than fuss with a serial port or round DIN connector mouse.
Thanks. Do you know anything about this combination of things, that the mouse and keyboard aren't working (actually the keyboard works fine as far as pressing f8 brings it to the safe mode screen, it just won't work when it comes to using the arrows). Do you think this is a virus?