Mobile to pc connection

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Hello, i am using nokia 5130c2.i want to connect mobile to pc.i have nokia pc suit.plz.tell me steps to connect mobile to pc

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Dear Nava,

Firstly have the PC Suite for the Nokia mobile phone installed on your computer and then open it.

You should then choose how you wish to connect the phone. You will be allowed three methods for connecting your phone to your PC: cable, Infrared or Bluetooth. Please if there is any security or lock code on the mobile phone, have it removed for these are security settings that will restrict the connection to the PC.

As soon as you have choose the connection method, just connect the phone. The easiest method will be connecting the phone via a cable to your PC. The first time that you connect your mobile phone to your PC, you will find that it will automatically install the required drivers. These are important for accessing properly to the phone's memory.

Thanks in advance.