I can't install dell webcam software

 nikki -
i have aproblem in installing dell vostro1015 webcam software
this message always appear:
no supported webcam driver detected please install webcam driver using dell resource CD and launch dell webcam center again
i work with windows 7

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Dear Sir,

This clearly depicts that the driver that you are using is not compatible to the operating system and hence you will have to get to the Device Manager and update the driver. Yet you can have the driver downloaded from the following address:


Thank you.
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to detect the webcam I must install which driver? please help me.. I had to format my laptop. I reinstalled the software and drivers with the cds I got wen I bought my laptop. yet wen I downloaded the dell webcam central 1.0 it told me "setup could not detect any Dell Webcam central on ur laptop"

given this site can anyone tell me which drive should I install please?

I had the same problem. I contacted Dell chat and the agent was able to remote into my computer and install it. It now works!
I have an Insperon 1525 Laptop. I too had the same problem. The update in question is; Creative Technology Ltd. - Streaming Media and - Integrated Webcam You should be able to uninstall it from the Programs and Features. Update will want to re-install it. When it comes up select install. You wont be bothered by it again and, your built in webcam will work normally.