Can't Exit Aptio Ultility setup; Window won't load

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 Azn - Mar 12, 2016 at 12:42 PM

My laptop is an Asus X550LA. All of a sudden, my laptop switch to Aptio utility setup. Window won't load at startup and I can't exit to go to Window.

I checked the Hard drive and it does not get detected. Does that mean that I should buy a new Hard drive for my laptop? Or, is there a better solution?

Please help!

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I have an Asus Notebook X501A and it has just happened to me; I am running Windows 8.1 and I have done nothing at all that may have caused this.

Here's what I did that was successful:
  • Select the Boot menu in the Aptio setup utility, select 'Launch CSM' and change to enable
  • Select the Security menu n the Aptio setup utility, select 'Secure Boot Control' and change to disable
  • Select Save & Exit and press 'yes'
  • Hold down the power button until the unit switches power off completely
  • Switch back on and continually press the F9 button for about ten seconds; this should now allow the unit to boot up into the Windows Recovery menu
  • Select 'Advanced Start Up' and wait until the recovery menu appears
  • Select ' Advanced Options'
  • Select 'System Restore' and select a date prior to when the problem occurred

System Restore worked perfectly for me.

Good luck!
I can't select Launch CSM. Any suggestions?
F9 only brought back the aptio screen. However, when powering down, for the first time I saw the asus brand name again.