Facebook won't load on my MAC

 cmh8129 -
For 3 weeks now, my Facebook won't load consistently on my laptop. I've tried Firefox, but that didn't work. Now it's not working on my iPhone either. I've done everything tht I can think of, cache, cookies, restart etc... Any thoughts?

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Dear Karen,

Please get through the following link to get in contact with Facebook Support:


Thanks in advance.

Dear Karen,

This should be a problem with your account itself. Please consider contacting the Facebook Support to have information about the problem. It might have been disabled or still the password could have been changed.

Thanks in advance.
Do you know how to get a hold of them?
I had the same problem. I realized I had a program called blue stacks running and as soon as I quit that program Facebook loaded on my computer. I dont know why this happened but maybe it would be helpful to check/quit all running apps and retry.