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  • Developer Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc.
  • Version 1.3.4
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

Cuphead is a classic run-and-gun action video game that focuses on boss battles. Designed based on cartoons from the 1930s, it successfully provides a pleasant, crazy, and fast-paced experience where you will have to defeat many enemies using wild weapons and techniques.


Cuphead and Mugman are two particular, big-headed characters blinded by ambition when they find themselves in a casino run by the Devil. They successfully won several games in a row, but then the Devil appeared and challenged them to roll dice one more time at a higher stake: if they won, then everything in the casino would be theirs; otherwise, Cuphead and Mugman's soul would be owned by the Devil. What should happen happened, Cuphead rolled the dice, making them lose. After begging the Devil to find another solution, the Devil agreed the two brothers must go collect all the souls of the Devil's runaway debtors before midnight tomorrow.


  • Crazy run and gun: You will experience a fast-paced adventure where controls have been finely tuned to let you move, run, jump, and shoot with high precision. Several types of weapons are available, including Standard weapons (Peashooter, Spread, Chaser, Lobber, Charge, Roundabout, Crackshot, Converge, and Twist-up) and Super attacks you can activate through parrying objects or damaging enemies (Energy Beam, Invincibility, Super Bomb Morph, and more).
  • Lots of contents: You will play either as Cuphead, Mugman, or the charming Ms. Chalice. The levels are diversified as you will explore many different places, meet many characters, and even control planes in some of them.
  • Enemies and epic bosses: Throughout the levels, you will face many different engaging enemies with their own patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. But the true challenge awaits you at the end of each level, as you will have to beat a challenging boss related to the main story. So watch out, understand each boss's behavior, and take them down to save your souls.
  • NPCs and missions: As you explore the map, you will meet many characters living here. They will tell you their story, make your fairy journey more consistent, and give you missions to complete in exchange for goods, power-ups, new moves, and weapons. Don't underestimate them, what they have for you is very helpful.
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Graphics and sound

Cuphead features a beautiful retro 2D aesthetic inspired by the handmade cartoons of Fleischer Studios and Walt Disney Animation. You will explore multiple scenarios with designs characteristic of the most classic indies. Last but not least, 56 jazz songs from the '30s sublime all this atmosphere. In a nutshell, Cuphead is a refreshing, beautifully designed 2D video game full of life and visual and audio feedback.

Duration and game modes

Cuphead lets you experience a solo or local co-op journey. Naturally, you will love exploring everything in the game, and it will take you about 10-15 hours to finish the main story. But don't worry, as several game modes are available:

  • Regular mode: This is the default mode. All the bosses have their phases and attacks.
  • Simple mode: The whole game is more accessible, the bosses have fewer phases, and some have one phase split into multiple ones.
  • Expert mode: This mode is unlocked once you have beaten a specific enemy. Most bosses will move faster, have more health, and fire more projectiles with each attack.
  • Black and White mode: It changes the look of the video game.

What do the reviews say?

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Cuphead has a Metacritic score of 88/100.

"Cuphead is a true piece of art of the modern-day videogame. The game has lived up to the expectations and it is full of detail and quality in every aspect. From its soundtrack to its wonderful design, Studio MDHR has achieved glory with this masterpiece." (Areajugones)

Age rating


Cuphead is rated PEGI 7 as it contains non-realistic combats and violence. Still, some characters may frighten a young audience.

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