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Hi, people !

Last night I got the missing ntdrl message and used my windows XP disk to copy that file into my hard drive. Until then, no problem.

It worked well and my computer was able to boot up. But then I saw a message saying that boot.ini is not able to find the files or something like this. So I'm wondering how I can edit boot.ini to look for the files in the right directory - that way I won't get that weird message anymore.

Also, can that boot.ini message put my PC in danger?
Thanks in advance!

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My pc Started & say boot from cd

Please reply me urgent what can I do in my pc.

Thank you

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Hi folks,

There is step by step instructions to solving the boot.ini issue here as well as a whole host of other boot problems.

Hope it helps.

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Hi Boss ^^

Your PC is not in danger but you have to copy this file from your XP's CD to your system.
thanks for reply
invalid boot.ini pc plz support me
Hi Amir,

As posted earlier you can find instructions to fix 'invalid boot.ini' here >>


insert win xp cd
press r when prompted
type chkdsk (this will search and fix errors)
exit and restart


The boot.ini file is a hidden file.. the reason is that <a href="">Boot.ini </a> can be damaged or deleted for a number of reasons and will brought to your attention by an error message.

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