Samsung corby to connect to pc

 shawn -
i couldn't connect my samsung corby to pc please sug me i am feeling very bad about this

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how i am connect internet by pc suite.i have a samsung corby plus
dear Praveen,just go to 'settings' and then to 'phone settings ' and then to 'pc settings ' select 'mass storage' and then press save.keep ur mobile in idle mode and connect ur usb data chord from mobile to pc.

Dear Praveen,

Your post lacks essential information. This mobile phone PC connection should be done using the proper PC Suite. You should have obtained its installation cd at purchase. If ever you don't have it please get it downloaded from below:

Thank you.
hi am abhijit dey, i have a samsung corbvy plus .i hav also a pc suite .so how i am connect ph to pc using pc suite.