My computer overun with viruses plzzz help!

bob - Sep 24, 2008 at 04:25 AM
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Hello, recently i downloaded something and turned my computer off. Next time i turn it on popups everywhere system errors and a icon to a malicous website that was on my desktop.I cant do anything on it with all the popups and ads. Every time i deleted the icon it would come back! So anyway i downloaded Eset smart security trial and superantispyware and attepted to scan for viruses using them. Everytime i try to scan it gets halfway through and then comes up with a blue error screen and the system reboots ive tried system restore in safe mode and virus scans in safe mode but it still comes up with the blue error screen! im running vista home premium on a toshiba 1gb ram laptop. It didnt come with any disks and i dont want to delete vista from it i just want to delete the viruses please help this has been frustrating me for ages!

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Sep 24, 2008 at 01:23 PM
hello dude,

here is an option for you which will help you a lot. there is a software called superantispyware which you can get for free from and of course its compatible with windows vista. after having downloaded the software i would advise you to do a complete full scan of your computer and after that it will be alright for you.
Hi, thanks dude my computer is a bit better from superantispyware, but when i leave it to do a full scan it gets halfway through and then windows comes with a blue screen saying error and then windows reboots. It happens all the time even in safe mode. I don't know what to do but thanks for the suggestion.
the blue screen you are looking at is a fake blue screen pressing f8 takes you back into windoews. you may have a desktop picture that you can't get rid of as well. go to start search all files and folders type in either .jpg or .bmp and find where that picturew is located. the picture is 1 of three items you need to delete. 1 is a portable app which does not install on your computer just hides. it has the same name as the picture with maybe a couple more letters added to it. get rid of that you get rid of your problem. the other ditto same name as picture but only 1 more letter added to it. ps they are not all jpg or .bmp they are also .exe files as well with same name in front of them. Believe i went through the same bs as what you are.
by the way you can download a free but full version of spyware teminator by getting a free inbox.con account. it's a program i have relied on numerous time on several different computers (not all mine) iservice computers & trouble shoot em' as well.
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Oct 2, 2008 at 12:10 PM
Hi Bob
go to

download install and run the following


Spybot Search and Destroy



Auslogics Defrag

you may also want the following

RECUVA data recovery tool

DAP87 very fast downloader increases download speed by upto 400%

all of these are totally free not just trial runners

kindest Regards