Only have access to half the internet???

Re1088 - Sep 26, 2008 at 04:31 AM
 Re1088 - Sep 29, 2008 at 05:37 AM
I'm currently on a laptop running Windows Vista. My ISP is AT&T. Ethernet Cable plugged in.

About 60 minutes ago, the online application that I was using, booted me. I have access to some websites (this one included), but others, I get the "Server Not Found" page. No online applications, such as AIM will connect either. The Ethernet and wireless lights on my router are blinking in a ridiculously "Simon-like" loop sequence. It's like AT&T decided out of nowhere that my monthly payments were only good enough for half of the internet. I have changed no settings. The repair function doesn't seem to notice anything amiss. My connection bubble reads "Local and Internet." And my patience is running thinner than a Ugandan teenager.

Any ideas? AT&T's Phone Help service, is closed for the night (although probably more helpful that way), and I'm about to miss a semi-important web meeting.


P.S. The anti spam guard "copy the letters in the picture" this forum uses is illegible. I've never had this much trouble with one of these, moreover one that only requires four letters. When you can't tell whether a symbol is an "O", a "D", or a small fish, there's an issue.

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Problem Self Fixed the next day. Problem identified: The people managing the AT&T Servers are incompetent human beings. My advice for anyone with the same problem, call to complain. ***(Optional) While on hold, play a soprano sax obnoxiously as possible into the mic, as many on-hold-lines are still manually operated, and have someone monitoring and patching the lines. The more he wants to get rid of you, the quicker he'll do so.***
it sounds to me like your not an administrator to that internet account u need to become either admin or change your router settings to allow to gain full access