Hard drive problem?

 Tony -

I have an optiplex gx270, and am currently working on building a cpu for kids and wanted to test the hard drive from my optiplex in the other cpu, i had 2, 300gb hard drives hooked up to it and i unplugged them, well when i went to reinstall them and it didnt read windows at all, and now if my secondary drive is plugged in it wont even read either drive, have reinstalled windows from scratch but it took 4 hours to do and everything i try to do is super slow opening my computer or documents is like opening a web page on dial up no kidding, rebooting takes over 10 minutes and i use dsl internet and it is also super slow, its a 3.2ghz proccessor or around there im not on it now to give exact size, 4gb ram it used to fly now i just want to toss it when i try to use it. i have also tried to use the second drive in in both cpus as a primary (yes i put jumpers in correct position) but neither one even reads it says drive unknown, that one has alot of family pixs on it and dont want to lose that data any ideas?

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okm i figured it out i reset my bios on strtup nd it fxed both problems hope my 2 week frustration helps some one else here

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