?connect 3 pc's via lan with hub and router?

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Hi I connected 3 pc's to have internet with a hub and router. but how do I make them share files? I already have done the right click>sharing and security>share thing but still the other pc doesn't find it. please help me.

oh and I put in these ip adresses:
pc1: ip:
def gateway:


pc2: ip:
def gateway:


pc3: ip:
def gateway:


And the hub on port 1 the router, port 2 pc1, port 3 pc2, port 4 pc3

i don't know if these are correct. I am a newbie at connecting pc together. Thanx in Advance

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i read your problem and find u r steps are correct but u

1.you first check your 3 pc are in same work group or not
2. if not do this way
i. right click on my computer and choose propertise
ii. choose computer name
iii. you will find full COMPUTER NAME & WORKGROUP
iv choose CHANGE button and give same work group name for all the computer
After that you ping .
Thank you

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I'm really new to this but have followed many instructions. This is a dumb ? but how do you ping? I've tried entering ipconfig on my host computer and then pinging the result ip address on my client computer but no luck. I've tried pinging the computer names. (BTW both have the same workgroup name.)

Additionally, I am using a verizon usb satellite modem (dial-up) on the host and I am connecting one client computer to the host computer through a Linksys hub (model: EFAHO5W). Both computers are connected to the hub via ethernet cables, with the host cable inserted into the uplink port.

The host computer is running Vista Home Premium and the client has XP Pro.

I know that connection sharing can be done and is fairly easy because one of my friends set it up once already. I just want to fix it myself since I am a programmer. (This whole deal is humiliating but anyway...)

However, since the first setup the original hub died. I replaced it with the exact same one. I've also added a 50ft ethernet cable in order to set the client in my daughter's room. I'm able to set up a local area connection on the client and it sends packets but does not receive them. I've set up ICS on the host successfully. Another problem is I don't see my hub or other client computer under network devices.

Any chance you could help?

what you need is ifone computer is working Properly surely others they need to be connected.
so if they is a two Network card what you need is to make a Bridge between two connection and you will be able to connect all the rest of your computer.

My network place - View network connection - and highlight two Local network and right click and click on the bridge the network

i hope your problems willsorted out.
Your hub and router probably don't provide internal dns services. You could navigate to other pc's using the ip address, you could build a dns server for your netwokr or you could download and install a small dns application from "download.com" and run it on two of your internal workstations (the two that stay on most frequently). You'll have to make one of them dns 1 and the other dns 2 and you'll have to configure forwarders on the dns service (I usually use open dns address: and