How to connect 2 systems using LAN

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How to connect two systems through LAN.......?

I tried
IP address eg.. subnetmask
and 2nd system subnetmask

and in cmd prompt I entered ping
message I got is destination host unreachable

so what should I do
help me..............
System Configuration: Windows XP

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Hello friend,

I read your massage, I known what your problem is.

1st step: you have a cable his name is TIA/EIA 568-B.2 CATEGORY 5e and RJ45 connector

2nd step: make a cross cable

1st point 2nd point of cable wires
Cable each wires setting.

3rd step : install Ethernet hardware

Right click "my computer"
Move mouse "computer properties"
Click "hardware" tab menu
Click "Device Manager"
Device manager window is open
Check network adapter
"PCI Fast Ethernet NIC" is work or not?
If NIC device is work then do next work
Else Nick device have cross simple then double click NIC device.
And "Enable Device"
Device usage: use this device (enable)

4th step. Create a ip address to both system are not same (My network places)
  • Click: - "view network connections" in network tasks
  • Right click: - local area connection
  • Ex: Realtek RTL8139 family PCI
  • Click: properties
  • Click 'this connection uses the following item:'
  • Internet protocol (TCP/IP) click "properties"
  • Use the following IP address
    • Ex: -

1st PC
Subnet mask

2nd Pc
Subnet mask
  • 5th step: dos command check connection
    • Ping ip address (other pc)
    • Ex:
    • They have checking connection
    • And message report
  • in network task Firwall setting change Off (not recommended) both system.
  • 7-check group are same in my computer properties "computer Name" Ex: "workgroup"
  • 8. Then plug in cable to computer pc1 pc2.
    • Then message is display "network cable is plugging with 100mbps"
    • Then click "network placese" and click "view workgroup computer"

So I hope you are understand my simple language.
Thank you

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Amazing, I love to read these easy step.

Thanks for this.

that is so very amazing.....
Thanks Bro...
Good tutorial ...but it would have been better if you cud have covered the second part.....i.e. after connecting the two PC' needs to transfer how to transfer files between two PC's
Tell colour coding pls...
To CONNECT 2 computers EXPERTS say that a CROSS OVER cable is needed. BUT today we EXPERIMENTED and used a STRAIGHT CABLE to CONNECT 2 PC's, I dont know how it worked but the CABLE is WORKING fine.

Some ppl say now a days LAN CARDS are AUTO SENSING and they dont mind any type. So you ppl try and POST, I want to see how many ppl succeed in there attempt.

and for cable configuration.

2 Standards 568a & 568b

u can find the configuration from many places but for the ease I am writing it in th following.

4 pairs, 8 cables.

1. Orange White; 2. Orange; 3. Green White; 4. Blue; 5. Blue White; 6. Green; 7. Brown White; 8. Brown

The above config is for 568b, make the same on both sides and it will be a STRAIGHT CABLE.

1. Green White; 2. Green; 3. Orange White; 4. Blue; 5. Blue White; 6. Orange; 7. Brown White; 8. Brown

The above config is for 568a, make one side 568a & other 568b and you will have a CROSSOVER CABLE.

The cables used are 4.

1, 2, 3 & 6

Data came in at 1 goes out from 2, then again in at 3 and goes back from 6.

In crossover 1 = 3; 2=6; 3=1; 6=2

1= Oragne White; 3 = Green White; 2= Orange; 6 = Green

I hope I have written it very simply.

Have fun.
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make a cross cable for the connection and put the 2 pc under the same workgroup.And finally, add d below configuration 2 d LAN of d 2 system.

IP address eg.. subnetmask
and2nd system subnetmask

It will definitely work.giv me a feedback
thak you so mach give to my answer but hwo to attach the cable in RJ45 cable
sir I don lan between 2 pcs given your instriction
i tried this but I unable to connect the internet please suggest some other method
Make a cross cable for the connection and put the 2 pc under the same workgroup.And finally, add d below configuration 2 d LAN of d 2 system.

IP address eg.. subnetmask
and2nd system subnetmask

The result is destination host notreachable

my name is dilip.studying btech.i want know how to connect 2 systems in please send the procedure for connect them,please send what are the requirements needed for that..
Please send reply to my mail id...
sir the best plan for you is the coming below
"switch 5 Ports+ADSL Router +Windows2003 server + ISA server2004+ + 2 NIC"
with those you have connected the 2pcs +internet
if you don't need the internet just bring Aswitch or Ahub"
if you don't want to install too many stuff and do alot of effort
Bring Alayer3 switch
which connects like aswitch + having the routing information
Or you can deploy the 2003 server +isa
your adsl router has the ip
both clients have ,
you have 2 NICs plugged on you software router "windows 2003 + ISA server"
one of them has Note "gateway"
the other one has

One cable from Adsl router >>>>>Server
Clients cables >>>>>>> Switch
Other cable from the server >>>>>Switch

With the isa server Deployed you have nated your network Congrats

It make the nat service Automatic

You've ust to create arule to Allow all the trafic between both the Int+Ext

If you need any more help i'm at your service just conatct me by E-mail
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Do u want 2 be sharing files&document btw d 2 pc without internet or u want d 2 pc to be on internet? if its sharing ur documents,file&printer without internet btw d 2pc then u must get a cross-cable. But if u want d 2 pc on internet then u hv to configure router so tht it serve as ur gateway, by setting ip given by ur ISP as ur default gateway&create and ip for d 2 pc. for example


I hope its clear enough

I am venkat,i will give some steps and tips

below for you.

1. Kindly check your hub / switch first.
2. Your error msg was destination host unrechable (ie) unable to connect reasons are may LAN cable, HUB problem. Check those things by typing cmd in RUN command then type ping and ping see both of the IP's are connecting or not?
3. Important, check the LAN cables.

Reply me.... if you succeed....
route add 192.168.0. mask /p

you can use this command once you connect 2 computers using a ethernet cable with RJ45 jack
if u try to connect to sambha server this may go like this
#vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
#service smb restart
#smbuser -a USERNAME
#smbpasswd -a ***********
To connect with LAN wire & on the telnet to with the help of following command can connect two pc's
#chkconfig krbf5 -telnet on
Also one thing make sure that after typing command:
#vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
You have to add certain things in this file.
;comment = Marry's and Fred's stuff path = /
;valid users = mary fred
;public = no
writable = yes
"/etc/samba/smb.conf" 301L,10958C
& esc+shiftzz
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Singh,what is that thing that doesn't work?
1-try the ping command and tell me what happened.
2-setup home or small network from "my network places" make both of two systems on the same work group
3-insert the systems ips with the same subnet,gateway and dns.
4-check your connection speed if it's 10 or 100 mbps.
if all this and still not working then install another Os on both of them
if not Contact me.
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use ip address for host system as:
press tab button for subnet mask.
default gateway: or 6 or7 as ur wish.
for 2nd system ip address:
it will work