How to connect 6 Compters using LAN? [Solved/Closed]

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How to connect 6 Compters using LAN?


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follow this step to configure your PC

right click on My network places-->right click on Local area network icon-->properties-->internet protocol(tcp/ip)-->click on ip address and assign an IP (like subnet mask

repeat sam with other computer/laptop but put different IP address like one and other; subnet mask will remain same.
then connect network adapter to all computers
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thanks for the support on how to connect systems without internet service. if I need ur help I will get back to u.
now how to fill in gateway
Also great thanks from me. I was imagining how I can connect 12 computers (PCs and Laptops). But I imagine that I will proceed like for 10 PCs by using a switch with multiple ports.
how to share a internet connection in LAN?
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You'll need a switch and some cables.... connect all the pc to the switch and switch connected to router!
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I am having dialup internet on one PC how I can use it with other computers.