Cant install quick heal free coz worm silly.

k - Feb 15, 2010 at 06:56 AM
 Harish CN - Jun 29, 2011 at 12:48 AM
friend I have a problem while installing quick heal antivirous free software becoz while installing it blincks massege that there is worm named silly.gen in my system plz tell me the exact solution thanks in advance

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First while starting quick heal installation just after extraction process keep pressing Ctrl + Shift key this will skip the memory test and allow you to proceed with quickheal installation. Then it will detect worm silly in c:\documents and settings\user\csrss.exe and will do a native boot scan and remove csrss.exe files adn you can proceed.
Thanks a lot it was working fine...
i've trying to install but it is asking for memory scan again & again, after I got your solution it worked out....
When you installed the quickheal it show worm.silly.gen
It is happend because machine is already infected
if you want to solved this problem then just follow this steps

1) go to task manager -click on process-end task the explorer.exe

2) click on file- new task

3) type cmd & press enter

4) type cd\ press enter

5) type rd recycler /s press enter

6) then press y

7) type explorer & press enter

then installed the quickheal

Reply me if you face any problem about the Quickheal or any operating system problem
In My case the TaskManager does not Open, the window opens only for a second and disappears, same happens with CMD window, msconfig snap-in , regedit , nor the services snap-in. All these even after I installed in Native boot mode , due to which my system was scanned . and Later I preseed Cntrl-Shift and the Boot mode got ticked while installing but still the problem persists. It is absolutely necessary for me to Start and Stop few Services Manually.
No It works as I Have said. Press Ctrl + Shift key as soon as you start Quick heal installation keep it pressed do not leave until Installation proceeds. After Installation is complete Quick heal will set native boot mode and delete the Worm Silly File.
Hi MKM , Fact is that I have not been able to start , Services, Taskmanager, or msconfig file . when I Run Quickheal it starts in Native mode , scans and restarts the systems , but after that also these Services,Taskmanager,cmd does not Run , all these windows Opens and Closes immediately.